Luka Samanic’ Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Dario Saric

Analysis: Luka Samanic’ wowed the scouts at the NBA Scouting Combine confirming some of the strengths in his game…Luka Samanic’ is very smooth and versatile as an offensive chess piece…Samanic’ can take you ourside beyond the 3-point line…can drive past you and get to the basket…his footwork is exceptional…has a high basketball IQ so he is deft as a passer to boot…the issue with Luka Samanic’ is that he is wildly inconsistent…his decision making process has been called into question whether it’s due to the fact that he plays a bit stubborn—having his mind made up on how he would attack the defense no matter the look, and questionable shot selection…defensively he is going to need a lot of work…he needs to add strength and weight in order to be able to put up resistance to bigger forwards at the NBA level…lacks mobility laterally and will get burned by quicker, more elusive athletes…in summary, he is a talented weapon on offense, but will give you very little on the defensive end…you know what you’re getting…ideally a ‘Microwave’ type of player who can create some energy off the bench…even with all of his inconsistencies, Luka Samanic’ has the upside and traits that will be appealing to NBA teams and will be a late 1st round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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