Nassir Little Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Jae Crowder

Analysis: Nassir Little has all of the measurements, including a 7 foot wingspan, that you look for in a modern NBA wing…Nassir Little was wildly inconsistent during his Freshman season at North Carolina, but I believe that is due more to Roy Williams preferring his veteran players than an in-coming Freshman…that being said, you would have liked to have seen more from the talented Little…where Nassir Little wins is on the defensive end of the court…causes havoc for the offensive opposition…shot blocking potential and with his length he closes down on passing lanes…Nassir Little has a very high ceiling as his potential is completely uncapped…on the offensive end of the court he excels more in transition and slashing to the hoop using his athleticism…he needs a great deal of development in his ability to get his own shot, specifically developing a perimeter game and developing an outside jumper…Nassir Little has the looks of a NBA prospect who will have a better pro career than a college one.

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