Naz Reid Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Jared Sullinger

Analysis: Naz Reid is a fascinating prospect—polarizing doesn’t do him justice…where to begin…when watching Naz Reid—I don’t know if HE knows what he wants to be…Naz Reid is a 6’10 255, strong young man with a  7’3 wingspan…those numbers in themselves are enticing…the issue being is that Naz Reid’s skill set looks more like a PG or slashing wing than a big man…confusing…a very good ball handler for a man his size…Naz Reid plays the game with a good feel…despite his size, Naz Reid is not very explosive and does not play above the rim…Naz Reid lacks the versatility on the defensive end of the court and cannot be asked to play anywhere along the perimeter…I truly don’t know what to make of Naz Reid…I believe he is enticing to teams following the top 30 picks and will be an interesting case as a 2nd round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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