Nic Claxton Scouting Report

Player Comparison:

Analysis: You want to talk about one of the high risers this NBA Draft season, Nic Claxton certainly is that…Claxton was wowed scouts and NBA personnel throughout the NBA Draft season with tremendous athleticism and sensational workouts…at 6’11 and blessed with a  7’2 wingspan—Claxton mixes a blend of length and fluidity that few in the 2019 NBA Draft can match…Nic Claxton projects to make an immediate impact on the defensive end of the court as a potent shot blocker…Claxton has shown the ability to switch on defense as well…offensively he is a very raw prospect…he has not developed much as a shooter either from deep or from the stripe—which is a concern when projecting his ceiling…versatile enough to play with his back to the basket or to turn and face his defender…Nic Claxton went from a 2020 prospect who was off the radar to a legit 1st round prospect in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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