Nickeil Alexander-Walker Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Jordan Clarkson

Analysis: There’s a lot to like about Nickeil Alexander-Walker’s game…offensively, you see where he can find a role in the NBA…nice range…succeeds in transition…a smart basketball player with excellent intangibles…Nickeil Alexander-Walker does a good job of playing within the confines of the offense…crafty and causes would be defenders to over commit…Alexander-Walker is going to have to get much stronger to hold up—very thin frame…physicality gives him issues at the collegiate level—this will only increase in the NBA…doesn’t have the high-level athleticism that you like to see…a bit of a tweener as a combo guard who doesn’t have the passing acumen of a point guard, and lacks the overall offensive refinement of a 2-guard…if a team can invest time in developing Nickeil Alexander-Walker properly, you might really have something here…I expect Nickeil Alexander-Walker to be drafted a little later than anticipated in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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