Shamorie Ponds Scouting Report

Player Comparison: A knock-off brand Carsen Edwards

Analysis: Shamorie Ponds is a bit undervalued by the general public in my opinion…Ponds is a score first PG, but don’t sleep on his ability to run an offense and to be a facilitator as well…back to his scoring acumen—Sharmorie Ponds can be effective as a shooter from the outside, in the mid-range, and surprisingly for a player of his stature, he can score at the rim…I absolutely see a way that Shamorie Ponds can stick and stay in the NBA—potentially as a ‘microwave’ type of scorer off the bench…Shamorie Ponds is going to have to land in an effective strength and conditioning program to get stronger in order to have a chance in the NBA…Shamorie Ponds is wildly inconsistent and from game to game you may not know what you are getting—which can be maddening to watch…offers you less than zero on the defensive end, and quite frankly, it is fair to question his motor on that end of the court…I like him more than some, so I think as far as 2nd round picks go, Shamorie Ponds has a better chance to make it than most.

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