Zach Norvell Jr. Scouting Report

Player Comparison: R.J. Hunter

Analysis: Zach Norvell is a player who continues to develop and refine his game…Norvell is very up and down…Zach Norvell’s shot appears like it is going to translate at the NBA level…has found success as a shooter off the dribble, as well as a spot up shooter in traditional offensive sets, as well as in transition…Zach Norvell doesn’t mind contact and has shown the ability to find success through it…Norvell will be just a guy on the defensive end—serviceable…Zach Norvell will is not the creator on offense and his best shot is as a spot-up shooter—but that being said, his shooting has been so inconsistent, that we don’t know if even that role is sustainable…Zach Norvell is going to have to work his rear end off and continue to develop to have a shot, and will likely go in the mid-late portion of the 2019 NBA Draft.

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