Zylan Cheatham Scouting Report

Player Comparison:

Analysis: Zylan Cheatham makes his mark on the game, on the defensive side of the court…Cheatham is an excellent blend of athleticism mixed with a high basketball IQ…the NBA is always looking for long athletic defensive stoppers to keep up with offensive minded wings…on the offensive end of the court, admittedly, Zylan Cheatham is a bit of a mess…for a Senior, you would think that he would be better and smarter with the basketball—but he remains a bit reckless and turnover prone…a good rebounder, and can score at the rim—there are some elements to Cheatham’s offensive game to like, but in the modern pace and space NBA—Zylan Cheatham lacks the nuance to have much of an impact on that end of the court…Zylan Cheatham has the looks of a bench role player, and could be selected in the 2nd round of the 2019 NBA Draft.

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