Ky Bowman Scouting Report

Player Comparison:

Analysis: Ky Bowman is one of the more enjoyable players to review in this class…Bowman can be a playmaker and can score on his own, or he can also get his teammates involved…tough and gritty…at his size, Ky Bowman should not be the rebounder that he is…for a Junior, Bowman should be a better decision maker on the floor—far too many turnovers for a prospect with his experience…a6 6’1 185—Ky Bowman is a bit undersized, and will struggle with bigger, longer NBA athletes…Ky Bowman is just average athletically…at the end of the day, I believe we have a pretty good grip on what kind of player Ky Bowman is…he is going to struggle taking his game to the NBA level, but has the playmaking ability to possibly stick as an end of the bench type of player, likely drafted in the late 2nd round in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Jordan Poole Scouting Report

Analysis: Where other players at this point on our Big Board and in the Mock Draft are struggling to create their own offense, this is where Jordan Poole excels…Poole has plenty of skills and traits that the NBA finds appealing…Jordan Poole does not possess the upper-echelon athleticism—but he is extremely savvy an has a variety of moves to keep a would-be defender off balance…what you notice early on is that Jordan Poole has excellent handle and can get to his spot on the floor…you have to imagine that Jordan Poole’s shot is going to translate well to the NBA game…I am not as sure about Jordan Poole as a defender—may find himself getting bodied up a great deal…Jordan Poole is a bit of a tweener, combo guard type—but may not excel at either position…Poole is quick enough to stay in front of his man, but he appears disinterested at times and is a ball-watcher…Jordan Poole needs some additional refinement, but there’s a lot to like here as a late 2nd round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Justin Wright-Foreman Scouting Report

Player Comparison:

Analysis: Justin Wright-Foreman is a solid natural scorer at the Point Guard position…he does have that score first mentality, so it’s certainly fair to wonder whether he can become a facilitator at the NBA level…a good ball handler who plays with a good pace…speaking of pace, a quick athlete who can blow by a would-be defender…at 6’2 185—you have to wonder if Justin Wright-Foreman can put on weight and strength in order to handle the NBA physicality…Wright-Foreman’s shot is a bit inconsistent…facing longer athletes may limit his effectiveness…playing at Hofsta—his level of competition is jumping dramatically…Justin Wright Foreman certainly has his limitations and his upside is capped, however, as a player who can give your 2nd unit and your bench a little juice, I like Justin Wright-Foreman late in the 2nd round of the 2019 NBA Draft.